Parasailing is the fantastic gaming and fun activity of flying through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by any kind of motorboat.

Parasailing can be performed any where on island and on some sea view and its a very recreational activity once we move on the parachute and its gives an extreme pleasure of life while watching on sky like a flying bird .

Once we see from the parachute below ,the water looks beautiful and catching the whole attraction.We need to ensure certain steps while this Parasailing activity.


  1. Wear a proper life jacket
  2. Ensure that belts are properly closed
  3. There is no heart or blood pressure problem
  4. Rescue team are available on site
  5. No cell phone and other precious things are with while you take off

Life is to enjoy with these activities.

Important parasailing places in Pakistan are many alot in KPK like mentioned below:

Mabali Island




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