Important restaurant etiquette

Important restaurant etiquette


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Important restaurant etiquette


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Every time in a restaurant, I try to adhere to my own rules of etiquette. How I manage to keep my face and be a darling I will tell you in 11 simple commandments.

1) exhale

We come to a restaurant not only to eat, but to solve our social and psychological problems: to communicate, relax, impress or be inspired. So dive into the process, look at the details, focus on the dishes. There will be no room for awkwardness.

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2. Do not start the meal first

The rule is conditional, but it works with any composition of the company. What if the dishes were not brought at the same time for everyone? There are two options: wait for the others or ask permission to start a meal without companions.

3. Remember the napkin

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The napkin is designed to spread over your lap. There is no need to shy away or carefully put it aside. Best used as directed. And if there is a need to replace it, you should not hesitate to point this out to the waiter.

4. Joke, but do not make noise.

I am annoyed by noisy companies. One gets the feeling that they deliberately prevent others from enjoying the atmosphere. Yes, being together is easy to lose your sense of space and time. Still, you shouldn’t flirt and spoil the experience of others. Remember that everyone has their own goals? I don’t want to be an bad manner and ruin someone’s business meeting or interfere with a romantic flair. Be mutually polite.

5. Don’t take your phone out unnecessarily

Agree, it’s stupid to find time for a meeting, so that then all the time staring at the phone. Disrespect and a waste of time. Urgent call? Step aside and talk for no more than 2 minutes without disturbing the rest of the visitors. Have a message? Without your answer, the planet will not rotate in the other direction, so you better enjoy the moment. If you or your companions can’t get rid of the apple friend, play the game. There is only one rule – whoever gets the phone first during a call is the one to pay the bill.

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6. Be polite to waiters

Tell me how you communicate with the waiter and I will tell you who you are. An arrogant attitude indicates a lack of upbringing. The waiter is not just a person with a tray. This is the figure on which it depends how you will spend this evening, whether it will be tasty for you or without his recommendations you will get the most trivial of all dishes.

7. Tipping: all or nothing

Unfortunately or fortunately, we are not in the USA, where the cultural code does not allow a person to tip less than 10%. In our context, it is better to leave a lot, or not at all. If the service was good and, for example, you received a compliment from the establishment, leaving a tip means appreciating the attention shown. If you don’t like the service, you can leave nothing. Some basic arithmetic. The amount of tips depends on the level of the establishment; in expensive places with an average check of 3000 rubles or more, 10% will be enough.

8. Don’t get yourself a mirror

Dear girls, you can spend a couple of seconds on your reflection, but this will hardly go unnoticed. It is better to fix your hair or makeup in the ladies’ room in order to maintain the reputation of a well-mannered lady.

9. Place a toothpick – in the restroom

Use this “accessory” only when no one is seeing. If necessary, be sure to cover your mouth with your hand.

10. Be a snob!

Express your position. Say what you like and what you don’t. Be douches, not stuffy. If your order is delayed, please give honest feedback. This is much more useful for the restaurant and all its guests. Any comment can be packaged as a joke or beneficial irony. This skill comes with experience, but it works best.

11. Don’t give a place more than two chances

If one time is bad, then it may be mercury retrograde, if two times, forget it and don’t go. Even if everyone around is cooing about how delicious it is. Do not shift the responsibility for your choice to others.

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