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Dead Island 2 Co-op Gameplay Details

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It’s almost time to meet the new Dead Island. Before the adventure, which will start next Friday, curious new details continue to emerge, and with a new article published, Dead Island 2 cooperative gameplay details have also surfaced.

Dead Island 2 Co-op Gameplay Details Revealed

As you know, Dead Island 2 does not offer cross-platform support, but there is cross-generational gameplay. However, let’s say that there is a situation that will create a question mark at this point. For example, if you are using PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it is not possible to invite a friend who uses PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series to the game, depending on your platform preference. On the contrary, you can play cooperative when he calls you. In other words, current generation console users were given the right to invite, but it was said that this situation would be resolved in the future . It should be noted that there is no cross-platform support on the PC side either.


Dambuster Studios also says that support for co-op gameplay will not be available from the first minute. For this you need to pass the first part. This will also be activated when we reach Emma’s mansion after the end of the Call the Cavalry episode.

Dead Island 2 Co-op Gameplay Details
#Dead Island 2 Co-op Gameplay Details

Another important point is about moving the stage you have recorded. The progress you made while playing co-op gameplay with your friend will be registered to your account and you will be able to continue where you left off after the session is over. However, it is not possible for you to participate in the game of another friend who is ahead of you in the story. For this, your friend will have to wait for you. The same will be true if you are further along in the story. The main reason for this is the level system and content that is important in your battles with enemies.

Finally, Dead Island 2, unlike Dead Island, can be played with a total of three people cooperatively. The developer team says that such a decision is made based on the number of enemies on the map and the events that will be offered.


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