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Blasphemous Sequel Blasphemous 2 Announced!

The endless cycle continues...

Blasphemous, which is among the remarkable games in the Metroidvania genre, made a name for itself with its difficulty. If this game, released in 2019, has caught your attention, we have good news. The direct sequel Blasphemous 2 has been announced. 


Video game enthusiasts and fans of the dark and atmospheric metroidvania genre have something to look forward to – the announcement of Blasphemous 2. Following the tremendous success of the original Blasphemous, fans have eagerly awaited news about a sequel. This article explores the exciting announcement and what players can expect from the highly anticipated Blasphemous 2.


The Success of Blasphemous

Before delving into the details of the sequel, let’s briefly discuss the success of the original game. Blasphemous , Sequel  developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, captivated players with its hauntingly beautiful art style, challenging gameplay, and rich lore. Released in 2019, the game received critical acclaim for its atmospheric world, precise combat mechanics, and deep storytelling.

Blasphemous transported players to the dark and macabre land of Cvstodia, a place cursed by religious fanaticism and grotesque creatures. Sequel garnered a dedicated fan base who immersed themselves in the hauntingly beautiful pixel art and engaging gameplay.

The story of the first game was set in an imaginary land called Cvstodia. It was up to us to save the realm and its inhabitants, imprisoned in an endless cycle of death and resurrection by a malevolent force called The Miracle. During the scenario of the game with pixel graphics, we were able to explore on the one hand, and on the other hand, we had to deal with difficult enemies. 

Blasphemous 2 is Coming!

Blasphemous 2, developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, will be available for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, Switch and Xbox Series in the summer of 2023 . In the second game, which will continue the story from the free Wounds of Eventide content, we will wake up in a different realm but return to the endless cycle of death and resurrection. Afterwards, a great discovery process will await us as The Penitent One. 

When we look at the gameplay video, which is about a minute long, we can see that the atmosphere in the first game is preserved, but the platform elements will be dominant. In addition to the brutal combat mechanics, we will also be allowed to play in our own style, while as you can imagine, new abilities, weapons and enemies will also await us. 


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