China releases the most streamlined heavy tractor in the world

China releases the most streamlined heavy tractor in the world

China releases the most streamlined heavy tractor in the world


Chinese truck manufacturer Sinotruk CNHTC has unveiled the all-new Huanghe X7 long-range tractor, which the company proudly calls the world’s most streamlined truck.

Huanghe (“yellow river”) is a historic brand, the name was given to the first Chinese-designed heavy truck produced by CNHTC in 1960-1990. The onboard eight-ton cabover with the JN150 index was remembered by local drivers as a car of exceptional endurance and reliability – that’s why they decided to revive the brand.

While other modern Sinotruk CNHTC trucks have cabins borrowed from European MAN, Steyr and Volvo, as well as Japanese Mitsubishi-Fuso, the Huanghe X7 is an original development.

Sinotruk CNHTC says that the new model has been created for the past seven years, and the goal was initially that the new truck was in some way a world leader. As a result, we decided to focus on aerodynamics. Engineers and designers have created a cab with an unusual profile – with the front pillars piled up. As part of a road train, the car has the shape of a bullet and has the lowest aerodynamic drag coefficient Cx among all serial trucks in the world – 0.37, which is comparable to passenger cars of the 90s and is about 30% lower than that of cabover tractors of European brands. By the way, in the domestic passenger station wagon VAZ-2111 Cx was higher – 0.38.

The basic configuration of the Huanghe X7 is a 6×4 three-axle vehicle designed to operate as part of a 40 tonne road train. The car is equipped with driving axles of the German MAN brand, the customer can choose the engine model – it is either an 11.0-liter 6-cylinder MAN diesel engine with a capacity of 490 hp, or a Weichai diesel engine (parameters not specified). Both engines meet the stringent Euro 6 environmental standards. The Sinotruk AMT 2.0 automated unit is used as a gearbox. The service life of the Manov engine is 1.8 million km, the oil change interval is 100,000 km. There is also a European tractor format with a 4×2 wheel arrangement.

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