11 uses of old mobile phone

old cell phone re-use ideas

There are several useful and creative ways to repurpose an old Android phone that is no longer in use. Here are some ideas:

1. **Media Player:** Turn your old phone into a dedicated media player. You can store music, videos, and podcasts on it and use it as an entertainment device for yourself or to keep kids entertained during long trips.


2. **Home Security Camera:** There are apps available that can turn your old Android phone into a home security camera. You can use it to monitor your home remotely.

3. **Emergency Backup Phone:** Keep it charged and stored as an emergency backup phone. Even without a cellular plan, you can still use it to make emergency calls to 911.

4. **eBook Reader:** Download eBook reader apps and use your old phone as a dedicated eBook reader. It’s a handy way to carry a library with you.

5. **GPS or Navigation Device:** Use it as a GPS device when you’re driving. Download offline maps and navigation apps, and it can serve as a backup navigation system.

6. **Digital Photo Frame:** Display your favorite photos or set it up as a digital photo frame. There are apps that can turn your phone into a digital picture frame.

7. **Remote Control:** Some old phones can be used as remote controls for smart home devices. Check if your phone is compatible with smart home apps.


8. **Testing and Development:** If you’re a developer, you can use your old phone for testing purposes, especially if you’re developing Android apps.

9. **Kids’ Toy or Educational Device:** Install educational apps or games for kids and give it to a child as a dedicated play device. Just be sure to monitor their usage.

10. **Donate or Recycle:** If you don’t have any use for the phone and it’s in working condition, consider donating it to a charity or organization that can make use of it. Alternatively, you can recycle it in an environmentally responsible way.

11. **Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot:** You can also use it as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot if it supports this function, allowing you to share your smartphone’s internet connection with other devices.

Remember to wipe your personal data from the old phone before repurposing it, and ensure that it’s charged periodically, so it’s ready to use when needed.


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