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An occupational injury is an injury received during the performance of work duties or related to their performance, as well as an injury received on the way to or from work. It can be an injury of varying severity , whether it be a blow, a fall, a traffic accident, etc. If you have been injured at work , it is important to contact a lawyer who specializes in such cases in time. A work injury lawyer will help you properly document the case and defend your rights so that you get the maximum you are entitled to under the law.


Who pays compensation for an injury at work?

In the event of a work injury, the victim receives compensation from the National Insurance Institute – Bituah Leumi.

If the injury was caused by a traffic accident (for example, on the way to work), then compensation will also be issued from the insurance company in which the car was insured.

You can also sue your employer. In the event that the injury was received at work as a result of the negligence of the employer. For example, non-compliance with safety requirements, incorrectly briefed the employee, failure to ensure the necessary safety standards at the workplace.

Work Injury Lawyer Advice

What to do if you get injured at work? Where to go? What documents to collect and where to submit? Consider step by step:

  • Step #1 – Document what happened. If possible, take a photo of the injury site.

  • Step #2 – Seek immediate medical attention at a health facility. Describe your condition, complaints, physical limitations. Describe in detail what happened and the circumstances under which the injury occurred.

  • Step #3 – Contact your family doctor and get referrals to specialists who can give you an opinion on your health.  

  • Step #4 – Pass the necessary checks – ultrasound, x-rays, CT scans, tests. And get opinions.

  • Step #5 – Ask your employer to fill out Form 250 – Medical Care for an Injured Worker. Be sure to check the presence of the signature and seal of the employer.

  • Step # 6 – Submit the completed Form 250 to the family doctor for processing of documents on the receipt of an industrial injury.

  • Step #7 – Take witness statements. If there were witnesses of your injury at work.

  • Step number 8 – Having collected the necessary package of documents, you need to contact Bituach Leumi. First, with a request to pay for the days during which you were absent from work due to an injury. Second, with a request for recognition of disability . And over time, if your condition worsens, you can apply for a review of your situation .

  • Step #9 – File a claim against the employer. In the event that an injury at work occurred due to the direct or indirect fault of the employer.

Everything seems clear and understandable. However, in cases of compensation in connection with an injury at work, there are many nuances and pitfalls that only a specialist understands. Such cases require a serious package of documents, correct execution, obtaining conclusions, passing numerous commissions.

Therefore, if you have been injured as a result of an injury at work, contact a lawyer who specializes in these cases. A work injury lawyer will provide the necessary assistance at all stages. This will increase the chances of your case being successful.  

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